Ana Ivanovic Loves American Drugstores, Dislikes Tennis Ball Smell

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"When it comes to beauty, "less is more," says Serbian tennis star Ana Ivanovic. Except when it comes to sunscreen. "Normal sun lotions go into your eyes, your hands, on the grip and for us, it's really disturbing. We can't play if our grip is slipping." After some trial and error, Ivanovic finally found a skin protector that works. "Shiseido's WetForce technology actually works better with water so it really keeps my skin protected even when I sweat and play."

Ana Ivanovic Loves American Drugstores, Dislikes Tennis Ball Smell

Despite her impossibly even complexion, Ivanovic never wears makeup on the court. "First of all, I think it closes your pores; your skin can't breathe. And also I don't like the feeling of maybe thinking if my mascara is running down," she explains. "Even when I get dressed up to go out I never use too much makeup."

Ivanovic took time out of her rigorous training schedule to let us in on her winning skin, hair, nail, and scent secrets "Share Elle Magazine for us. (

How do you clean your skin after a game?

I use Ibuki cleanser. So they have also the one with the granules, which is for me more deep-cleaning. So after [a] long flight or when I'm exposed to maybe being outside in the street all day, I would use that exfoliation. Otherwise I will just use a normal cleanser, and then I'll just apply cream, and at night I use a serum that—it's like oil serum. It's oily and for during the night, it's perfect.

Do you play tennis wearing any fragrances?

Yeah, we are connected to smells, too. So sometimes a smell can bring a nice memory or something, so sometimes especially if I'm feeling a little bit down, I would use a fragrance that I like and I like this Roja perfume. They're so good and I actually went to their—they have like a room where they actually mix them, their originals.

Do you like the smell of tennis? There's a fragrance brand that made a tennis ball perfume.

I didn't know about that, but I would definitely not use it. I smell that enough. But definitely, there is a smell of tennis balls and also in the courts, you can recognize it. Even if I had my eyes closed I would know where I was.

How about hair on the court? Is there one look that's most comfortable?

I have always liked my hair when it's braided, because if I don't it kind of runs in my eyes when I hit. I like to have it braided so then it's sort of pulled back, and also hairspray. I can't have anything touching my face or eyes or something, and sometimes we play in windy conditions so that's very important to have it—and like with a hat. I always play with a hat, too. Even sometimes fans ask me, "Why are you playing with a hat indoors?" And I'm like, you know what? Actually it's not for any other reason than sometimes to hold my hair back, and to protect me when I hit so that my hair doesn't swing forward. TRESemmé has good hold. I always have it with me and they come in the small ones that I can travel with as well, so it's cool.

Is there anything you do to keep your hair from breakage?

This is the thing that I struggled most with because of my hair being pulled all the time, and also I have very heavy hair, so I need to pull it really tight in order to stay in place during my matches. It breaks a lot, and also the ends get dry from sun and sweat. I use Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner. And another thing that I'm completely in love with and I recently tried is the Shiseido oil for cuticles. You just put a few drops and your hands look like they're manicured. Future Solution, it's amazing. You can use it for hair, for skin, and I use it for cuticles because I can't use my hand cream when I play so my hands and nails get really dry and break. But when I put that on it doesn't bother me when I play, and it looks straight like a manicure.

What do you buy at U.S. drugstores?

The selection here is just amazing. I've seen so many new products here that I've never seen before. I mean the nail polishes and the new gel nail polishes and mascaras. These are cool so sometimes friends ask me, "Can you bring it back?" And I enjoy—sometimes if I have time, I just walk in and look around.

What do you bring back for friends?

They're just like, "mascara, mascara, mascara." Nail polish is also big. I personally love Essie. Because they're such a good brush and it's so easy to apply. I always go red. If I'm in doubt, I go red. There is one from Essie. It's more maroon. It's called Soul Mate; I like that, that one is really good. And Forever Young, that's more reddish, I like that one, too.

How about deodorant?

So that's one thing that sometimes it's hard to find because, again, you're on the road, you sometimes lose it, so I switch often. I do like plain Nivea, for example, and I just go to the simple ones and I love the spray. I don't like—like in America it's so hard to find the spray. It's more roll-ons, and I don't like roll-ons. I used to use Secret. They had an unbelievable smell. They had so much selection and I think baby powder or something was the one that I used to use, but I prefer sprays. So like Nivea, no scent.

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