Five Makeup Tips for small eyes


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"If you have really smaller eyes, it can be really hard to find makeup tips for small eyes, right?

Five Makeup Tips for small eyes

I don't have the largest eyes in the world and I'm constantly looking for makeup techniques for small eyes that'll really help my eyes stand out beautifully!

So girls, are you ready to see my top tips for small eyes that will make your eyes appear large and help them stand out?

Let's do this!


The first makeup tip for small eyes is all about groomed eyebrows. Truthfully girls, you've got to keep your eyebrows up and groomed beautifully to make sure that your eyes stand out and look larger!

For me, I keep them a little on the thin side and make sure that I don't have any stray hairs. That highlights my eyes and makes them pop!


Did you know that pale eyes-shadow can actually enhance the size and shape of your eyes?
This tip for small eyes is all about putting pale eye shadow along your lid. It can really be any color that you want, but make sure that it is pale.

For me, I use a pale pink or purple and draw out the green in my eyes. Use the color that works best for your eye color!


In turn, you can actually use light colors to brighten up your eyes and make you appear more awake!
This makeup tip works especially well for me in the morning, when I am really tired. It makes my eyes appear super awake and alert without me having to try too hard!


If you are looking for a way to make your eyes really stand out and look beautiful, this tip is just for you!
Just swipe a bit of that dark colored eye shadow along the outer corners of your eyes. That will really make them pop and can even draw out the color of your eyes! Trust me, I use this one all the time!


Remember what I said about light colors and how they can make your eyes appear that much more awake and alert?

Well, if you use light colors under your brow bone, it can actually make your eyes appear that much bigger too! Truthfully, this technique is an obsession of mine. It works so well and nobody knows that I have small eyes!"

Well girs, please share. These information is really useful, if you put in practice.

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