I would marry with her. Jamie Lee Curtis Cosplayed At The: World Of Warcraft Movie Premiere


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Let’s play a celebrity word association game. I say “World of Warcraft.” Did you say “Jamie Lee Curtis”?

I would marry with her. Jamie Lee Curtis Cosplayed At The: World Of Warcraft Movie Premiere

If you didn’t, you’re wrong. So wrong.

Here’s why: At the Hollywood premiere of the World of Warcraft movie, Jamie Lee Curtis showed up in full cosplay, even though she wasn’t even in the movie. That’s what is technically known as a total baller move. Apparently the movie is less than brilliant — a shame, since Ruth Negga and Dominic Cooper (Preacher’s Tulip and Jesse) are in it — but bad reviews never stop a dedicated cosplayer.

So why this particular movie? Curtis is reportedly very into World of Warcraft (WoW to fans); in 2010, she appeared in the trailer for “Video Games Live”, a concert of video and computer game music, discussing WoW with the ease of an experienced player. Last year she dressed as a WoW “Undead” character to attend Blizzcon, the official convention held by the makers of the game.

Blizzcon wasn’t her first time publicly geeking out in cosplay, either. Earlier in 2015, she rocked up to international gaming tournament Evo dressed as Vega from Street Fighter, and got her family to join in as well.

However, her WoW movie cosplay is the best so far. Look at that headdress! And that chest piece!

She also took some photos with fellow fans and cosplayers, in what might be the best red carpet group picture of the year.

Every time I read about a celebrity, especially a female celebrity, using their fame to nerd out on a grand scale, it warms my otherwise stony heart. I’m more of a comics person than a games person, but what Curtis is doing in those photos is exactly what I’d do if I were famous, except with Batman…and for every single occasion. Academy Awards ceremony? Batman. Premiere of my own (non-Bat-related) movie? Batman. Kind of like that bit in Parks and Recreation where Ben buys the Bat-suit on Treat Yo’ Self Day, but all the time.

This is proud celebrity nerddom at its peak. Expending resources on an elaborate costume for a premiere of a movie you aren’t even in? We non-wealthy, non-celeb nerds can only dream of reaching such heights.

In fact, I wish more celebs would cosplay for movie premieres. How great would it be if John Boyega walked the red carpet in full stormtrooper gear for Star Wars: Episode VIII? At the very least, it would definitely make the “Who are you wearing?” spiel a thousand times more interesting.

Extracted from: www.thefrisky.com

Fuente: www.thefrisky.com
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