Parents Turn Abandoned Storage Room Into Son s Whimsical Playroom


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A few years ago, Sarah and Steve moved into their new home in sunny California with their two-year-old son. Sarah, a stay-at-home mom, noticed a tiny 4-foot-high door on the side of what would be their son’s bedroom. When they opened it, they discovered something completely unexpected (not to mention creepy) — and a new project that would take two years to see to completion.

Parents Turn Abandoned Storage Room Into Son   s Whimsical Playroom

The small space was a dingy old storage room with a pitched roof. It had a beat-up linoleum floor, outdated wood paneling and exposed insulation. Who knows just what exactly went on in this teeny-tiny space. Because of the odd shape and size, Sarah and Steve knew there was no way they could convert this into a functional section of their new home. So, they kept the room hidden by their son’s wooden dresser, never telling their son about the special abandoned room. They did, however, realize the space had a lot of potential…

About a year into owning the home, Sarah and Steve decided it was finally time to do something with that secret room. And when you see it, you’ll be stunned…

When Sarah and Steve bought their house in California, they noticed there was a small door off to the side of their two-year-old son’s room.

Creepy! But naturally, the parents were extremely curious to open said door.

It looked like some kind of abandoned storage room that hadn’t been touched in decades. But because of the room’s awkward pitched roof and four-foot tiny doorway, there was no way they could convert this into a functional section of their new home.

Instead of knocking down a wall to expand the room, Sarah and Steve had something better in mind. But for the time being, they would keep the beat-up linoleum floor, outdated wood paneling, and exposed insulation. They kept their son’s dresser over the door to make sure he would never know it was there until the time was right.

About a year later, Sarah and Steve decided to turn the “secret room” as they now called it into their son’s 4th birthday present.

They spent the next year fixing up it up, secretly working on it while their son was in school.

Steve gutted the room and installed new drywall, wood laminate flooring, and molding. He slapped on a fresh coat of paint in a color his son would love.

Meanwhile, Sarah worked on the decor and collected the perfect items from Ikea.

The room was finally done… and it was beautiful.

On their son’s 4th birthday, they gave him clues leading him to the secret room. When he finally reached the dresser, Mom and Dad helped him push it aside.

Of course, their son was surprised and absolutely elated. What kid wouldn’t want their own super secret place to hang out or hide out in?

In “The Treasure Room,” he discovered a space just for him to play and relax — with a brand a new wood floor, bright blue walls, a big poster map, toys, books, and plenty of art supplies.

Sarah’s surprise room quickly went viral. She says her son loves to read and play with his sister in The Treasure Room.

Sarah and Steve gave their four-year-old son a gift he will cherish for his entire childhood. They really made the most of their unexpected discovery!

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