Dedicated midwife rides inflatable swan to work during Houston floods


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A devoted midwife ensured she made it to work despite flooding in Houston – getting there with the help of an inflatable swan.

Dedicated midwife rides inflatable swan to work during Houston floods

Cathy Allen Rude, owner of the Katy Birth Center in Texas, rode the blow-up bird to work to make it in time for a birth.

“Midwives will do anything to get to a birth!” she wrote in a Facebook post.

“Riding a swan to get off my flooded street and make it to the birth center! Thanks, Celeste! You gave me a great ride!”

She explained: “I was home during the flooding and our street became impassable due to high water. I had an overdue client and was concerned about being able to get out to her and to the birth centre when she went into labour.

“My client had a friend in my neighbourhood with a kayak and we were going to try that but she was unable to reach them so came to the end of my street and saw my neighbour Celeste floating on her inflatable swan and yelled out to her, ‘how about giving a midwife a ride on your swan to come deliver my baby?’ She knew me and quickly agreed.

“She pushed her swan to my front door and I climbed in with all the birthing equipment I needed and floated me down to the waiting pickup truck and off to the birth centre we went. We had a lovely baby boy later that evening. A water birth during a flood!”

The image was shared on FB Newswire, who explained : “Cathy Allen Rude didn't allow flooded streets to stop her from getting to a birth center.”

She was praised online, with one Facebook user commenting: “This is awesome! LOVE this woman! Such dedication.”

Another wrote: “Best flood story ever!!!”

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