This Doodle Is Mystifying The Internet - Can You Tell What It Shows?


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This drawing is stirring all kinds of confusion on the Internet. It seems that many people can pick up what’s in the drawing within a few seconds. Others, however, seem to see nothing but a black blob or find all kinds of things that aren’t there, like a kind of Rorschach test.

This Doodle Is Mystifying The Internet - Can You Tell What It Shows?

The doodle was originally shared on Facebook by Savannah Root, along with the caption: “I stared at this picture for An hour trying to figure out what it was.” It’s since been shared over 6,000 times and has a reel of comments with confused people.

Scroll down to see the answer, if you’re still stumped.

Answer: It’s a cowboy, with half of his face covered by a shadow.

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