12 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Linked To Emotional States


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"You may ask yourself, how much emotions affect chronic pain? According to Dr. Susan Babel who is a psychologist, a considerable amount.

12 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Linked To Emotional States

So what does the chronic pain one feels say about his or her emotional state?

Let’s take a look!

- Neck:
Pain in the neck signifies the need to forgive, nevermind if that person is someone else or you. What matters, is the focus on things that you love about yourself and on the things others love in you.

- Shoulders:
Shoulder pain is a sign that perosn carries heavy emotional burden. Shoulders carry everything, so in order to solve this emotional problem, share it with friends or family.

- Head:
The every day stress is the principal causer of headaches and migraines. People with chronic headaches should take sometime for themselves. Not just once, but every day. Once you relieve the body from stress, the pain will go away.

- Elbows:
Arm and elbow pain may mean a lack of flexibility, so try not to resist natural changes that are happening around you.

- Hands:
Pain in the hand may be a sing of lack of friends, so try making new friend.

- Upper Back:
Lack of emotional support can manifest in upper back pain. One does not feels appreciated and because of that is holding back feelings. Talking to a partner or a close friend will help.

- Lower Back:
When someone is having finacial worries, it can manifest in lower back pain. So sitting down and managing the money is the right solution.

- Hips:
What can cause a hip pain is the fear of moving, change and waiting to make a big decision. Make the changes step by step.

- Knees:
High self-esteem may result in knee pain, so try to do some volunteer work and remeber that no one is perfect.

- Calves:
Emotional tension, stress or jealousy may be the cause of calf pain, so it may be the time to let go of any big stress causer and forget about jealousy.

- Ankles:
If you feel pain in the ankles, it is time to take some pleasure in your life. Enjoy the little things and appreciate every moment in your life.

- Feet:
Deppresion is the main causer of feet pain. It is hard to beat depression, but finding a new hobby or adopting a pet may be a good start".

Now you know it, so take control of your emotions to reduce your pains!! And, of course, share this!!

Fuente: www.fhfn.org
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