Rescuers Save Puppy Who Was Abandoned On A Busy Roadside


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We believe that every dog matters, and every dog deserves a chance to be loved. That is why we admire people who rescue dogs who have been neglected and abandoned. These people share our belief and they do everything they can to help the dogs get the chance to have a loving home.

Rescuers Save Puppy Who Was Abandoned On A Busy Roadside

Howl Of A Dog is a rescue organization in Romania Europe whose commitment is to rescue abandoned, neglected and abused dogs. One of their most recent rescue is a puppy who was abandoned on a busy roadside.

The poor pup looked so disoriented. The rescuers had to be patient because if they rush into him, the puppy may run to the busy road and get hit by a moving vehicle.

They waited for an hour for the pup to feel comfortable with their presence. And when they finally got to approach him, he was a little scared but he was friendly.

They noticed that the pup had fleas so they immediately brought him to the vet. There he was diagnosed with demodectic mange and he was prescribed with medications and special baths.

He is so happy! And his rescuers say that he is a bundle of joy, playful, and cuddly!

And thanks to everyone who helped this pup and those who helped share his story, Fram now has a loving forever home waiting for him in the UK! Hurray for Fram!

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