Marriage Proposal is First Thing She Hears After Cochlear Implant


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"When a doctor switched on Andrea Diaz’s cochlear implant for the first time, she experienced just one of two life-changing events that would happen in a matter of minutes.

Marriage Proposal is First Thing She Hears After Cochlear Implant

Her boyfriend had been waiting for that moment so she could hear him propose to her.

Andrea burst into tears of joy once she was able to hear, thanks to the implant. But boyfriend Kevin Peakman waited until the doctor adjusted the levels so everything would be perfect, before getting down on one knee and opening a ring box.

“I wanted to make one of the first things that you hear is me asking you to marry me,” he said.

What a touching history. Share this if you liked this!!

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Daniel Moussa
WOW! very touching love story
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