7 Reasons why a relationship with a girl who cares too much will be the best


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"We all meet someone in our life that cares for us because they are head over heels in love with us. They want to feel our presence all the time and they try to be over cautious about us. Sometimes, a girl may cross the line between possessiveness and obsessiveness but sometimes, that works in our favour. People tend to take such girls for granted but when she leaves, there is a lot of resentment.

7 Reasons why a relationship with a girl who cares too much will be the best

She finally stops running after you and that’s when your attention turns to her. The one you should’ve been taking care of, the one you always ignored. It’s funny how you choose when to love and when to hurt her. At this point you’re panicking, but why? When after all this time she is been right in front of you? She’s been waiting for you. You’re scared of losing her; you’re petrified she is going to let you go. And guess what? For once, you’re right because the girl you were meant to love has realised she is worth more. The girl who always cared excessively for you. The girl who had the power to make your relationship invincible.

Here are the reasons why these girls will make your relationship the best you’ve ever had in a lifetime nonetheless. You should hold on to them firmly.

1. She will bring a cascade of positive Vibes to your life:
She’s a person who cares about the world and everyone in it. She has genuine care for everyone who resides in this world and people she comes across. Now, if you are the person she loves, then that care will multiply tenfold.

She will look after you like you’re a precious gift to her but in reality; she is a rare and unique gift to this world herself. She will build a relationship that has durability and it can endure hard times. She will show you love at times when you think you don’t deserve any. Her power to instill positive vibes in your life will make you happier than ever.

2. She’s a remedy for your battle scars:
Everyone has a tainted past. We have scars which are so firmly inscribed in our hearts that it is not easy to get rid of them. The amount of love needed to heal these scars should be enormous.

A girl who cares too much will know how to provide the cure to your broken heart. She will love you so dearly that you will bury all your previous heartaches in the dirt. The power of her love will supersede all sorts of sorrow that you have in your heart.

3. She will show you what true love really means:
Nowadays, people aren’t able to differentiate between true love and infatuations. It’s hard to distinguish one from the other. A girl who cares about all your needs and feelings will show you what love really feels like.

She will not leave you stranded at times when the relationship gets boring or there is a dry patch. Her care will constantly remind you that no matter what the circumstances, there is someone in this world who is willing to sacrifice her needs for your happiness.

4. She will teach you the lesson of ‘mercy':
She will be really merciful and humble. She will have this concept in her mind that there is always good in people and there is always some space for rehabilitation. She will be willing to forgive you for your mistakes and she will try her best to help you atone for your sins.

Forgiveness is not a grocery item anymore, it is a very rare gift only a few special people possess. People find more excuses to punish someone nowadays than opting to show some clemency. You will have that special person in your life.

5. Loyalty:
Such kind of girls are loyal to the highest degree. They are really selfless. Even though they are depressed and the relationship is starting to go downhill, they will never think of cheating on you.

They will never indulge in any sort of physical or emotional infidelity. They will try to work things out as much as they can. They know the sort of menace cheating in a relationship can bring. They will always put your feelings and emotions above theirs.

6. She will love your fragile insecurities:
We all know that there are certain things that we are afraid of showing to the world. When you open up to a girl who cares too much, she will really try to understand you. She will love all of your insecurities and all of your flaws. She will love your candour and your honesty. She’s your confidant and safe-keeper.

7. She will be full of emotion:
She’s not scared to show her emotions and care for you. She will fight with you and she will be crazy about you. She will also fight for you when necessary. She doesn’t care about the outcome if she gets too vulnerable. Maybe some part of her does but at the end of the day, she can’t help herself.

She will open up to you and share everything there is to share with you. She will open your heart to a new wave of emotion too. You will try to shower the same amount of love and there will be a competition between you two. This will only strengthen the relationship.

A girl who loves too much is really someone who shouldn’t be taken for granted. We all need someone who loves us beyond measure and when we find some like that, what do we do? We take advantage of them and don’t reciprocate her love. This is a grave mistake on our end".

Have you ever had that kind of girl? Is wonderful!

Are you that kind of girl? Congrats!


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