Grandfather Asks for 98 Facebook Likes for His 98th Birthday, Gets Thousands

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A grandfather in Massachusetts is getting birthday wishes from strangers from around the world after a photo of him went viral on Facebook.

Grandfather Asks for 98 Facebook Likes for His 98th Birthday, Gets Thousands

Alfred Birch, 97, was in the hospital for several days earlier this month. His family feared he might not make it to see his 98th birthday on March 28.

To lift his spirits, his granddaughter, Julia Geswell, posted a photo of him on her Facebook page, asking people to share the post.

In the photo, the smiling Alfred is holding a sign that reads, "My daughter does not think I can get 98 likes for being 98 years old. Can we prover her wrong? Please share! 1 like = respect!!!"

The image was posted online on March 6, in anticipation of Alfred's upcoming birthday. So far, it's been shared more than 30,000 times!

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