This Kitty Has Been Guarding Her Little Human Since Before He Was Born

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While examples of overprotective nanny dogs abound, instances of babysitting cats seem a little bit rarer. I thought they were nonexistent altogether, until I heard about two and a half year old Panda, a loving little feline who became obsessed with the human in her mom Liel Ainmar Assayag’s belly.

This Kitty Has Been Guarding Her Little Human Since Before He Was Born

“Once I got pregnant she started following me around the house, tucking her head on my belly, purring,” Liel told LoveMeow. Never leaving her side, the tuxedo cat was reportedly a little bit confused by the appearance of a tiny person, but figured things out fairly quickly and apparently decided to maintain her job as full-time nanny.

"Now, 3 months later, she jumps on the bed near him, smells him, sits next to him. You can clearly see she loves him from the beginning!"

I don't know what it is about this story that makes it so remarkable, aside from Panda's utter cuteness factor. Maybe I just assumed all cats try to suffocate babies in their sleep. Maybe it's the way Panda literally grips Liel's pregnant belly with her little cat paws. Maybe I'm a little jealous I didn't have a cat-best-friend-nanny as a child. Whatever it is, Panda is pawsitively delightful and where do I get one?

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