Man Gives Old Shelter Dogs Free Haircuts So They Can Finally Find Homes


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Senior shelter dogs need to be loved just as much as the youngsters. Sadly, their age and often unkempt appearances leave them invisible in the eyes of many. Mark Imhof, a professional dog groomer, is on a mission to change that. He visits Animal Care Centers of NYC to give old dogs free baths and haircuts so they could finally find a home.

Man Gives Old Shelter Dogs Free Haircuts So They Can Finally Find Homes

Imhof was inspired by his fiancée. “She didn’t want to see me go for another soulless job, and she saw the joy I had when I interacted with our animals,” says Imhof. “I have seen such transformations in almost all the dogs and it is so uplifting and I KNOW they will pay that love forward to their future forever homes,” he added.

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