Couple Turns Teardrop Trailer Into Affordable Tiny Home

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Sure, this vintage, retro teardrop camper is utterly adorable — but is it functional? In the video below, Sunflower’s owner takes you on a tour of the tiny trailer, lounges on the bed inside, parks outside in the beauty of Mother Nature, and by the end, I guarantee you’ll want one of these for yourself. After I saw how it functions, I really fell in love.

Couple Turns Teardrop Trailer Into Affordable Tiny Home

Christina was originally looking for something that could be pulled by her small Dodge Neon. When she and her husband discovered teardrop trailers online, they were instantly hooked. “I don’t think bigger is necessarily better,” she says. It wasn’t long after that they bought their bright yellow trailer named “Sunflower” from an Amish craftsman in Ohio.

This teardrop is only 40 square feet — 8 feet by 5 feet — but Christina says it’s more than enough room since the outdoors become the rest of your home. The inside section is the bedroom and the kitchen opens up out of the trunk. The closet can hold up to two-weeks worth of clothes; Christina and her husband revel in the fact that Sunflower holds all of the basic necessities they need while camping and/or adventuring.

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