This video of a mother dressing up her triplets is a must watch!

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Although being a mom is a lot of hard work, handling 8-month-old triplets and a 2-year-old toddler is all that and much, much more. It's no ordinary task for any mom, as this video shows.

This video of a mother dressing up her triplets is a must watch!

This time-lapse video of a Canadian mom getting her kids ready for bed is going viral. The video has already racked up more than 45 million views on Facebook in the past five days.

This mom single-handedly puts one child after another into pyjamas while simultaneously making sure her other kids don't fall off the bed. And, adding to the mayhem is the toddler who just can't stay put in one place. Though the video is about two minutes, it is a time-lapse video and the mom would have actually taken a lot longer than this to perform this feat.

With pop music in the background, the video has a fun feel rather than the panic-inducing horror that many moms might experience in a similar situation.
Watch the video here.

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