Incredible Artist Makes Paper Sculptures Come To Life


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Calvin Nicholls is an artist unlike any other. Since 1986, he’s been renowned for his signature paper-cutting technique, which results in three-dimensional art that plays with both light and shadow. A passionate animal lover, most of Calvin’s art features wildlife, from birds to bears and everything in between.

Incredible Artist Makes Paper Sculptures Come To Life

The Canadian paper sculptor is a master at delicately and intricately scoring and texturing each piece using an extreme level of precision. First, Calvin researches each animal subject to understand its anatomical makeup. He then breaks out his scalpels and X-Acto knives to place the pieces of paper just so. The end result is an eye-popping sculpture that leaps, lunges, and/or flies right off the page.

Prepare to be amazed by the artist’s process below…

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