A Farm in Virginia is Recruiting Volunteers to Snuggle With its Baby Goats


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Looking for the cutest volunteer gig ever? A farm in central Virginia is looking for people to come snuggle with its baby goats.

A Farm in Virginia is Recruiting Volunteers to Snuggle With its Baby Goats

Caromont Farm in Esmont, Virginia is home to more than 120 goats, which provide its owners with fresh and aged cheeses. In February, an additional 90 kids will be born, and farmers are recruiting locals to love, feed, and play with the baby animals once they arrive in the world, bleary-eyed and bleating.

According to local news affiliate NBC-29, farmers bottle feed the baby goats four times a day. They’re outfitted with sweaters to keep them snug in the cool winter weather, and they’re separated by size and kept in heated pens.

If this scene sounds too adorable to pass up, Caromont Farms is offering a sign-up sheet online for people to claim four-hour volunteer shifts, starting in early February and stretching through March. You’re expected to cuddle with the babies and to assist with keeping them clean, warm, dry, and full. And don't worry: no prior experience with animals is required.

Currently, all of the slots are full, but check back with Caromont’s website or Facebook page to see if any additional times are added.

Fuente: mentalfloss.com
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