Reduce Pain And Improve Your Health With Foot Reflexology


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When it comes to my health, I like to be in charge of my own body. But it never dawned on me that the key to staying healthy may actually lie in my feet.

Reduce Pain And Improve Your Health With Foot Reflexology

Dr. Helena Reid tells WebMD, “If your feet aren’t healthy, it affects how you function and live your life.”

And while I had heard that reflexology could be used to relieve pain, as with this incredible clothespin ear reflexology method, I never knew that it could be good for healing many different parts of my body.

WebMD’s Ellen Strum writes, “According to the tenets of reflexology, there are areas in the feet that correspond to glands, organs, parts, and systems of the body.”

Scroll through below for an exclusive look at exactly which areas of the feet are connected to which important body parts. All I have to do is massage each specific area of the bottoms of my feet in order to reap the benefits.

According to the ancient practice of reflexology, each of the different areas on the bottoms of your feet correspond to specific parts of the body.

By massaging each area, and applying direct pressure with your fingers, you can relieve pain and promote health for specific organs, glands, and body parts.

Scroll through to find the part of the body that is ailing you!

1. The Head

This method is great for both pain relief and organ health. And while this should never take the place of medical advice, I will absolutely be giving this food reflexology technique a shot — it can’t hurt, and it definitely might help!

According to reflexology, the tips of the toes are directly connected to the head and the brain.

Massaging the bottoms of the toes can help with relieving headaches, and can have a positive effect on your overall brain health, including increased brain stimulation.

2. The Eyes
Eye health can include a wide variety of issues, including vision trouble, soreness, redness, and pain.

Massaging or applying pressure to the area of the foot that is right below the second and third toes can greatly benefit those suffering from eye troubles.

Reflexologists report a direct correlation between this area of the foot and the eyes.

3. The Small Intestine
The next organ that can benefit from foot massage is the small intestine.

Simply massage the area between the heel and the ball of the foot for improved digestion and a healthier intestinal tract.

This may do wonders for those who suffer from severe gas or indigestion.

4. The Lungs
The lungs are said to be directly connected to the middle area of the balls of the feet.

Focusing on this area can be great for those suffering from asthma or are simply trying to improve their overall lung health.

While reflexology can have short- and long-term benefits, if you are ever experiencing difficulty breathing, you should seek medical attention immediately.

5. The Lower Back
According to reflexology, there is a correlation between the heel and the sciatic nerve and lower back.

For those who suffer from sciatica or chronic lower back pain, massaging the heels can help provide some much-needed relief.

6. The Neck
Neck aches and pains are extremely common. However, the connection between the neck and the area just below the big toe can go a long way to ease this pain and discomfort.

Simply massage this area with your fingers to reap the health benefits.

7. The Heart
Heart health is something that should be taken very seriously. Anyone experiencing heart palpitations or chest pain should always see a doctor right away.

That said, massaging this specific area on the right foot can promote heart health, and have long-term benefits for the circulatory system.

8. The Knees
The outside portion of each heel has a direct correlation to the knees.

Those suffering from knee soreness or chronic knee pain should try massaging this area to help alleviate some of the soreness.

9. The Stomach
While there are plenty of dietary adjustments you can make to help cut down on stomach problems, you can also use foot reflexology.

You can improve your digestive health by massaging the inside areas just below the balls of the feet. Like with the small intestine massage, this can be good for indigestion, bloating, or gas.

10. The Thyroid
Thyroid problems are quite common, but foot massages can be used to increase the overall health of the thyroid gland.

Simply massage the inside portion of the balls of the feet in order to experience the maximum benefit for your thyroid.

11. The Liver
Reflexologists differ somewhat in the exact location that is best for the liver.

Some report that the middle outside of the right foot is best. Others say that the middle outside of both feet will work.

In any case, massaging this area of the foot can promote better liver function and keep the organ healthier.

These simple foot massages can have a large impact on your pain levels and overall health.

Will you be giving any of these a try? Let us know which ones in the comments.

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