Two Guys Have Invented A Floating Rubbish Bin That Cleans The Ocean

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When it comes to ocean conservation, it’s safe to say that we aren’t doing great. The world’s oceans are far from clean, with plastic bottles, paper, oil, fuel, and detergent just some of the things floating among all those amazing sea creatures.

Two Guys Have Invented A Floating Rubbish Bin That Cleans The Ocean

Thankfully two Australians, Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, created the Seabin, a floating rubbish bin that can collect all these waste materials.
Low maintenance and a fairly cheap way to fight marine pollution, this could be the answer to our deep sea prayers. With the aim of starting shipping in mid to late 2016, you can contribute to this worthwhile endeavour through Indiegogo.

“One of the goals is to make the Seabin from our own plastics to create another Seabin to capture more, it’s a domino effect,” say the creators. “The second goal is to create a world where we don’t need the Seabin.”
Now this is a conservation idea that I can definitely get behind.

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