In 1977, A Nurse Held A Burned Baby. 38 Years Later, She Never Expected To Hear These Words

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The world has a wonderful way of making us wonder. Everything comes full circle eventually. Wrongs are righted and peeps are reunited (yes, it rhymes). The heartwarming feeling of finding something you've lost (something more than your favorite scrunchie) is unlike anything else. The feeling of finding a long lost person must be overwhelming to say the least, and this is just such a story. Prepare to cry, people!

In 1977, A Nurse Held A Burned Baby. 38 Years Later, She Never Expected To Hear These Words

A Little Baby With Big Burns

The gentle touch of a loving hand can bring comfort to the most agonizing pain. In this case, Amanda Scarpinati needed just that and got it from a mystery woman she never forgot.

The Story Made Headlines

After a terrible accident, Amanda was covered in third degree burns and confined to a hospital for recovery. As she was so young, affection and attention were major parts of her development. Getting that kind of personal attention can be difficult in a busy hospital. This nurse, however, made the time.

All She Had Were Pictures

As Amanda grew up, she would look at the only record she had of the kind woman she only knew as an infant.

The Time Had Come To Make The Search "Facebook Official"

In the past, tracking people down for reunions was very difficult and would require an investigator (or a team of them). Today, Facebook has made searching for people more fruitful than ever. Amanda made her appeal on Facebook, and the response was overwhelming.

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