Dog Thanks Firefighter in Dog-Like Manner for Flood Rescue


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A dog in Texas thanked a first responder with a big wet kiss after rescuers pulled the dog and his owner from raging floodwaters.

Dog Thanks Firefighter in Dog-Like Manner for Flood Rescue

The super happy moment was caught on film.

Firefighter Del Ray Pope appeared with the dog, who goes by Duke, on "Fox & Friends" to share the story.

Pope said that when rescuers arrived on the scene at the Eldorado Bridge in McKinney, they were relieved to see that the rescue would be achievable with a firetruck ladder and rope.

After the two were pulled to safety, Duke and his owner were assessed and Pope changed out of his gear.

Then something special happened.

"The firefighter that had Duke on the leash walked back by the truck and, as soon as he saw me, he ran over, two paws right in the middle of the chest, jumped up and started licking my face," Pope said.

"So he recognized me, even though my appearance had changed and we had been separated for a few minutes."

Pope said the response has been "awesome" and that the McKinney Fire Department appreciates and is flattered by all the positive attention.

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