The way she bathes the baby is truly terrifying. The reason behind was truly amazing!


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We can't deny the fact that bathing a baby is indeed a difficult task. You have to be very careful in holding the head and the body of the baby, you should avoid the baby from getting hurt.

The way she bathes the baby is truly terrifying. The reason behind was truly amazing!

Bathing a baby requires not just double, but triple gentleness.

However, there's this way of bathing that's quite frightening to watch. In this video you can see a whole new way of bathing a baby for them not to be alarmed.

This Parisian nurse named Sonia Rochel has a different way of washing the newborn baby.

As the water flows in the faucet, it slowly touches the body and the head of the baby.

People claim that it's quite frightening, but this is the best way for the babies not to be alarmed!

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