Guy posts innocent photo, Internet becomes obsessed with his eyebrows


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One Reddit user named chirv made the classic blunder of posting a photo of himself to Reddit, and his face soon had more attention than the photo itself.

Guy posts innocent photo, Internet becomes obsessed with his eyebrows

The Redditor posted a photo of a goat that had followed him on a run, writing: "While on a run, this goat started following me... And kept up for 2 miles (before being picked up by its owners)."

Soon, commenters were fixated on his distinctive brows — which naturally led to some Photoshop magic.

Some imagined that the goat only liked him for his distinctive eyebrows.

So long story short: if you don't want your appearance to get picked apart (or complimented) by random strangers, don't post a photo of yourself to Reddit. Although there is the possibility that you will become an Internet celebrity. The end.

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