Georgia woman thanks police officer for giving her a speeding ticket

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It's probably not often that a police officer gets a "thank you" from someone who was issued a speeding ticket.

Georgia woman thanks police officer for giving her a speeding ticket

But that's what happened to one member of the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety in the Atlanta suburb, ABC affiliate WSB-TV reported.

According to the department, one of its officers stopped a young woman for a traffic violation. She signed the citation and thanked the officer.

As the officer started walking away, the woman then handed him a note and drove off.

The department posted what it said was the woman's handwritten note to its Facebook page. It read:

"Mr. Officer,

"Shame on me for speeding. There is a lot of publicity (negative) about police officers and your job is very dangerous. I want you to know that my family and I feel very blessed to be protected by wonderful people like you. So Thank You!

"Caring Alpharetta resident!"

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