7 Unexpected Benefits of Minimal Daily Exercise

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Here are some of the unexpected benefits I have discovered from just a few minutes of exercise every morning:

7 Unexpected Benefits of Minimal Daily Exercise

1) A sense of calm and confidence... Starting the day with an activity that is universally accepted as beneficial makes me feel like I am in control of my life and doing the right thing. It is incredibly empowering.

2) A desire to exercise more. Once I get started with a few minutes of exercise, I often do more exercises and throw in some stretching and weight-training with a couple dumbbells. I am also more likely to go for a walk or play a sport when I am already in that zone of exercising. But, even if all I do is the three minutes, at least I know I have done something!)

3) Acquiring the belief that I can achieve what I want in life (being strong and healthy) in an easy, almost effortless way. This belief then translates to other areas of my life, too, from keeping the house tidy to maintaining relationships...

4) Getting out of my head and into my body. Being body aware means that I have less monkey mind chatter, am more present and am more likely to use my body well and less likely to injure myself.

5) Getting into a mindset of being strong and healthy which creates a healthy belief system and sets me up for making healthy choices throughout the day.

6) Gaining a feeling that I can stick with something for longer than a few weeks or months... hopefully creating a lifelong habit.

7) Starting to believe that anything is possible!

So, there you have it. Three minutes of effort a day can be life-changing! Are you going to do the three-minute exercise challenge? If you do, let me know how you get on!

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