Men watch their girlfriends get catcalled and they're not happy


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Sadly, sometimes a serious issue needs to be staring you in the face before you really see its impact.

A majority of women have experienced street harassment like catcalling in their daily lives, so Cosmopolitan made the issue a little more personal for three volunteer couples. In the video, boyfriends watch footage of their girlfriends walking in New York City as they would on a normal day — a la the Hollaback street harassment video from 2014.

The men react as pretty much anyone would seeing their loved one getting unwanted attention on the street: disgust, anger and general discomfort at the whole situation. Their girlfriends probably had the same emotions while they were actually on the street.

Although, Jon, the second man in the video, however, did show his girlfriend, Tessa, some empathy and said, "I'm glad that people are making it an issue and not standing for it anymore."

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