Three is the magic number, but seven is the luckiest...


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David Beckham. George Best. James Bond. Dwarfs. The Harry Potter series. The days of the week. Colours of the rainbow. There are some pretty magnificent seven’s. Of course, there’s even the Magnificent Seven.

Three is the magic number, but seven is the luckiest...

It’s a number which is seemingly favoured by most. Since the dawn of time civilisation has had its lucky numbers. In Ancient Babylonian times that number was 60, even basing their calendar around it, hence us finding 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour.

But what is it about number seven?

There’s no doubt it is our favourite number. It’s a sacred number in Chinese culture and across Europe it holds a special place in our hearts. After all, Snow White has seven companions and James Bond isn’t 006 or 008, he’s 007.

The number, which was recently voted the UK’s luckiest number, is one that just sounds right. It’s the only single figure number with two syllables, and is of course in certain religions associated with heaven.

The seven heavens can be found in Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, and Catholicism, and of course on the football pitch the number seven is more often than not worshipped.

In sport the number seven is a sacred number in itself. The likes of George Best, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Raul, and Eric Cantona all wore the prestigious number, single handedly turning it into a favourite number for millions of children they were idolised by for generations.

That’s backed up by the recent poll taken by British bookmaker Ladbrokes. They found that almost half of people across all ages choosing seven as their lucky number, with 52% of young people aged between 25 and 34 citing the number as their favourite.

Unsurprisingly, 20% of people in Manchester have the number as their lucky number, but of course with the prestige of it for Manchester United that’s no real surprising.

What does come as a surprise however, is that the number 13 is the UK’s second luckiest number, dispelling the myth that 13 is unlucky for some.

Seven days in the week. Seven wonders of the world. Seven deadly sins. It seems like the world got it right.

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