Not Winning at Online Casinos? Finally, the information you need


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With so much online casino and slot machine advertising everywhere you look, players are wondering if they can actually win money playing at these sites, especially those offering convenient mobile phone play.

Not Winning at Online Casinos? Finally, the information you need

We did some digging and the answer is clearly YES. Some sites are now even regulated and privately inspected, which means they have to operate within the strictest guidelines making them fair for the user.

Before starting, every player should be equipped with these 3 tips.

Tip 1: Find a high variance Slot Machine, PLAY LESS TIME

Slots are really a game of luck. The Variance is the technical term in the gaming world that is used to calculate how risky a game is to play. The lower the variance, the more frequent the wins, the less the win amount.

The high variance machines such as Cleopatras Coins, and Baby Boomers are the machines that will pay out larger amounts of money but the wins will happen less frequently. The less time you spend spinning the reels, the lower the house edge so we suggest to play in short bursts betting a little more than usual and you’ll have a better chance of beating the odds. If you do get a nice win, be prepared to take a break and move on to another game.

TIP 2: Find a site offering FREE spins on signup – no risk wins

When looking where to play online slots, always go for a site that offers at least 10 free spins on signup or even better 30 minutes of FREE gaming. These slot machine spins are credited to your account even before you make your first deposit. They allow you to try the games for free without any risk to you. You can win some real money here without risking any of your own.

TIP 3: ONLY a few sites are trustworthy in the USA

Only a handful of sites have passed the rigorous testing process and are considered safe and trusted for players outside of Europe and the USA. Ruby Royal Casino was one of the first in the USA to allow their casino to be tested by Technical Systems Testing (TST), an internationally recognized accredited testing facility, whose client roster includes International Game Technology (IGT), Aristocrat, Mikohn and the Michigan, Massachusetts, DC and Ontario Lotteries, has certified the Random Number Generator (RNG) used by the Ruby Royal Casino to be fair and random.

TST's fully independent and impartial testing procedures ensure that the software systems and equipment that operate today's most trusted gaming destinations are certified to the strictest standards of technical compliance.

Ruby Royal is widely considered one of the fastest paying out sites with winnings taking just 24 hours to appear in your bank account and they have a wide variety of payment options for extra convenience.
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