Father-Son duo create the most amazing pancake artworks


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Edible pancake art is nothing new, but we have yet to see anything as detailed as the masterpieces of Tiger Tomato, a father son duo who shot to fame on the internet after posting their colored batter creations on YouTube.

Father-Son duo create the most amazing pancake artworks

Looking at their awe-inspiring pancakes, it’s hard to believe Tiger Tomato have only been at it for three months. It all started with a simplistic yet wonderfully colored rainbow pancake, which got over 150,000 views on YouTube. Inspired by the overwhelmingly positive response, the father-son duo from Melbourne, Australia, quickly stepped up their game and came up with elaborate-yet-edible renditions of popular cartoon characters like Elsa and Olaf from the Disney hit “Frozen”, Homer Simpson or Garfield.

“Pancake batter is the first edible medium we have worked with and we just loved the idea of art and food coming together as if it was meant to be,” the father told ABC News.

As you can imagine, creating these wonderful pancakes takes a while longer than regular ones, and the YouTube videos Tiger Tomato post clearly show a lot of work goes into getting the details just right. They can be seen painstakingly laying out the most important features with colored batter before filling the whole design and turning it to reveal incredibly realistic portraits of iconic cartoon and video game characters.

Talking about their sources of inspiration for the edible pancake art, Tiger Tomato said: “We have an 8-month-old in the family surrounded with wonderful cartoon characters so we thought we would join him. Also from our viewers. We really enjoy reading all the feedback, which has been overwhelmingly positive. Our viewers often give us ideas and suggestions and they inspire us to make more pancakes.”

In case you’re wondering, they actually eat the pancakes once they’ve finished sharing them on YouTube. All except one. “We do eat our pancakes — pancakes are to be eaten! But we decided to keep Elsa,” the dad said.
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