Abandoned dog and his 'guide dog' best friend seek loving home together

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Best friends Glenn and Buzz are abandoned dogs with a special relationship: Buzz helps guide Glenn, who has vision problems. But the unusual pair needs a loving home.

Abandoned dog and his 'guide dog' best friend seek loving home together

The two dogs were recently found abandoned in Hartlepool, England, according to ABC News, and were taken in by a Stray Aid, an agency in Coxhoe, England that helps place stray dogs in forever homes.

The pooches are looking for exactly that, but Stray Aid is seeking to keep them together. Buzz, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, lends Glenn, a Jack Russell Terrier, his eyes and guides the dog around on walks.

"They are inseparable," Hannah Critchlow told ABC. "They instantly had a bond when they came in, so we kept them together. Whenever they're separated they start crying and barking for each other."

The dogs are approximately 10-years-old and although Stray Aid is unsure why they were abandoned, they assume it was due to their old age.

Don't get too worried, though. The agency has received numerous calls from people interested in adopting the dogs and are using the exposure to spread the message of adopting instead of buying pets.

Fuente: mashable.com
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