''I'm a dietitian and these are the three healthy eating 'rules' I live by''

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Diets can be such a drag – and so restrictive they’re just not sustainable. Also, healthy food always seems to cost so much more than regular items, right? So how do the nutrition experts do it? Dietitian Hanlie Jordaan shares her simple food strategies…

''I'm a dietitian and these are the three healthy eating 'rules' I live by''

1. Do not restrict any specific foods

“This causes cravings and over-indulging on that food at a later stage. If it’s unhealthy, have less of it, that is, rather than buying a big slab of chocolate, buy a smaller one and it will probably curb those cravings in the same way the big one would have, without the guilt.”

2. Fruit and vegetables are key

“Fruit and veg are nutritious, low in kilojoules and very filling. Although they contain natural sugars, they also have fibre, which will prevent the glucose spike that comes from sweets or fizzy drinks. I love to make veggies the main portion on my plate at each meal, this keeps me fuller for longer and ensures I get all the vital vitamins and minerals my body needs.”

3. Don’t buy things in bulk or on sale

“Although the food seems cheap and you think you will be able to eat little bits of it at a time, take note, having large quantities of unhealthy food in your cupboard can be very difficult to resist.”

This article was originally published on www.womenshealthsa.co.za

By: Gotlhokwang Angoma-Mzini

Fuente: www.health24.com
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