Court records: Jacksonville gunman had 'psychiatric crisis'


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The suspect in the shooting attack at Florida video game competition that killed two people had psychiatric issues, court records say.

Court records: Jacksonville gunman had 'psychiatric crisis'

David Katz, 24, opened fire and injured 11 people using "at least one handgun" before he took his own life at the Madden NFL video game tournament, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said.

The two victims were identified Monday -- Elijah Clayton, 22, and Taylor Robertson, 28, both competitive video game players. All 11 injured were last reported in stable condition.

Katz was a participant in the competition, in which simulated football games were played, at Jacksonville Landing, a waterfront shopping mall.

Family divorce records revealed Monday showed Katz had a history of mental illness dating back at least as early as 12 years ago.

Katz' parents said in divorce filings he was hospitalized twice in psychiatric facilities and prescribed anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medications.

He saw "a succession of psychiatrists," according to a 2006 letter from father Richard Katz,CNN reported. A separate 2006 court filing said David Katz had experienced a "psychiatric crisis."

His parents have told investigators about his mental health issues.

Police records also obtained by CNN showed 26 calls to police from the Katz family home in Columbia, Md., from 1993 to 2009, for issues ranging from "mental illness" to domestic disputes, including arguments between David Katz and his mother on two of those calls. No reports detailed physical violence.

A witness to Sunday's shooting, Alexander Madunic, said Katz's motive was revenge for losing a tournament game.

Authorities say Katz legally purchased the 9mm handgun and a .45 caliber handgun in Baltimore in the last month. It's unclear how he transported the weapons and ammunition to Jacksonville and got them into the event.

Three years after graduating high school, Katz attended classes at the University of Maryland in College Park, but was not enrolled for classes this fall.

In a statement Monday, University of Maryland President Wallace D. Loh referred to another shooting attack that occurred at The Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis this year near Katz's hometown.

"Our community grieves for the families of those who lost their lives in [Sunday's] horrific shooting in Jacksonville," Loh said. "When our community was directly impacted by the shooting in Annapolis this summer, I said that more than silent reflection is needed to end the epidemic of gun violence in our country, and I will say that again today."

By Sommer Brokaw

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