'Lucky feeling' leads man to two $100,000 Powerball prizes


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A Michigan man said a pair of lucky feelings led him to buy two Powerball tickets that each ended up winning him $100,000.

'Lucky feeling' leads man to two $100,000 Powerball prizes

Jeffrey Norman, 55, of Belleville, told Michigan Lottery officials he bought a ticket at the Speedway gas station in Redford using his lucky numbers, 01-10-27-28-36 and Powerball 12.

Norman said he had a lucky feeling so he bought a second, identical ticket from Stack's Liquor and Deli in Belleville.

"I play regularly and have special numbers that are lucky for me," Norman said. "I'll play my numbers at a store whenever I have a lucky feeling. I had that lucky feeling twice on Wednesday."

Each of Norman's tickets earned him a $100,000 prize in the July 18 drawing. He visited lottery headquarters Thursday to collect his $200,000.

"When I checked my numbers, all I could say was: 'Oh my God!' It was an incredibly gratifying feeling to win," Norman said.

By Ben Hooper

Fuente: www.upi.com
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