4 Healthy ways to pimp your cup of coffee this morning


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Tired of the same old filter coffee day in and day out? Need to spice things up? We show you four ways to pimp your cuppa – the healthy way…

4 Healthy ways to pimp your cup of coffee this morning

1. Make It Bulletproof
Advocates of the low-fat high-carb diet swear that adding a spoon of healthy fats to your coffee (called Bulletproof coffee), makes for a better cup. This is because the active ingredient, MCT oil, is said to, “supercharge your brain function and create effortless fat loss with no cravings”. It’s also known to require less energy and enzymes to be digested compared to other fat types.

Drink… Before you hit the gym for an added dose of healthy energy.
How To Make It: Add MCT oil to your cup, along with organic, grass-fed butter. Here’s a handy recipe you can try.

2. The Spicy Mix
Chucking in some cinnamon to your cup is a great way to add flavour to your brew minus the kilojoules. Plus, cinnamon comes with a slew of huge health benefits. It’s rich in antioxidants – the stuff that gives you a healthier heart – and helps fight inflammation, which means it’s great to repair tissue damage after that sweat session.

Drink… In the morning after a big night out or after your workout.
How To Make It: You could add a few sticks of cinnamon to your pot of coffee and have them brew with the beans, or throw in a sprinkle to your finished cup.

3. Have It Cold
When you really need that coffee fix but it’s hot out, Have it cold over ice! If you don’t have a local hipster cold brew supplier near you, then you can just make it yourself.

Drink… When it’s hot outside!
How To Make It: Soak a cup of coffee grounds in three cups of water overnight. Press coffee and pour. Add some vanilla essence if you want, to taste. Proceed to be super hip and cool.

4. Go Coco-Nutty
Ditch the milk and opt for coconut cream. The natural oils add a delicious creaminess to your cup.

Drink… When you’re craving something rich and creamy.
How To Make It: Brew your coffee as usual, and instead of having milk, spoon a dollop of coconut cream. It’ll melt into the hot coffee, making a rich, creamy cup.

Looking for more caffeine tips? Did you know you might be hardwired to drink more coffee? Here’s how to make the perfect cup and if you’d rather eat it, try this date, coffee and walnut cake recipe.

Written by: Michelle October

Fuente: www.womenshealthsa.co.za
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