How to lose 5 kilos, according to a weight loss expert


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News flash! Losing five kilos won’t make you smarter or pay for your holiday. But if you’re overweight to the point that your body mass is detrimental to your overall wellbeing, it will make you a whole lot healthier – and you’ll feel a whole lot happier. It’s also not as hard as you think. Just follow these four simple tips from weight-loss expert Michelle Bridges, author of the book Losing The Last Five Kilos.

How to lose 5 kilos, according to a weight loss expert

Eat Regularly
Your metabolism slows down when you sleep, then powers up again when you tuck into breakfast. Starting the day with a good meal also stops you playing games with yourself. “If I skip breakfast and have an apple for lunch, I’m allowed to eat more when I get home.”

Drink Water
As well as being an appetite suppressant, water is essential for efficient kidney and liver function. These organs are responsible for breaking down and disposing of the waste products you generate as you lose weight, so you need to keep both well hydrated. Not enough? You slow down the whole process.

Eat Metabolism-Boosting Food
Your body expends energy digesting, absorbing and storing food and metabolises different foods at different rates. Simple carbohydrates (including sugar and refined grains) are broken down the quickest. Protein is digested and metabolised the slowest, thereby expending the most energy. Grains, vegetables, fruit and other fibrous foods are digested slowly, keeping your insulin levels steady.

Balance Strength And Cardio
Aerobic exercise uses up more kilojoules during the session. But excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPCO) – where energy is burnt anywhere from three to 16 hours after your workout – is greater with weight training. So it’s best to do both strength training and cardio for health, weight loss and weight management

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