Natural repellant that will keep mosquitoes away this summer


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Nothing ruins a nice summer night quite like mosquitoes do.

Natural repellant that will keep mosquitoes away this summer

However, there’s a completely natural – and very simple – way of getting rid of the pests the next time you’re sitting outdoors enjoying the weather.

If mosquitoes are a constant pain in your… well, everywhere, then try this mosquito repellent jar, which contains several ingredients known to deter the blights.

The active ingredients in this old trick are lemon and eucalyptus oil, a combination that is recommended by experts as an effective insect repellent.

Here’s what you need
6 slices of lemon
5 slices of lime
A pair of rosemary twigs
Eucalyptus oil infused with lemon (7-10 drops)
1 floating candle

You can find eucalyptus oil either in a pharmacy or health store, or online. It’s usually not that expensive.

The above concoction is a simple mosquito repellent that doesn’t take much time at all to prepare. Simply leave it outside your house five minutes before you go and sit down, and you should walk into a mosquito free-zone.

Fortunately, the jars give off a pleasant aroma, as well as keeping mosquitoes away – why wouldn’t you want to try one?

Do you have any other good tricks or hacks for keeping mosquitoes at bay? Please, share your tips in the comments box!

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