How to celebrate Valentine's Day After Marriage


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Remember those days of bachelorhood when February 14 was an eagerly awaited day- full of romance and togetherness. Now you are married, but why should the day be any different? Do not believe all those who say that love diminishes after marriage. In fact, your wedding can be a new freedom to express love with no insecurities or boundaries attached. The advantage of being married is that you always have your beloved with you. Make the most of this advantage, and read here about some of the exciting ways to celebrate your first Valentine's Day after marriage.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day After Marriage

#1. Give a written surprise
Love letters always work! Especially after marriage because it is the last thing that your spouse expects. A love letter brings back romance in a very youthful and innocent way. You do not have to be a poet or a writer to pen down love letters. You just need to have a heart filled with love. If not a letter, then write small 'love notes'. Once you are done with the writing, find places to hide these notes, so that your spouse keeps finding them all day long. Hide a small note in the toothbrush stand, put one in the shaving or makeup kit, and keep one in their lunch box. Make sure the way you deliver the notes is as special as that letter!

#2. Cook together
There is something about cooking that heightens the chemistry between couples. Perhaps the lovely aromas do the trick, or maybe it is the accidental touches and brushes that ignite the fire. Decide a menu comprising of your favourites. Knead the dough together, share a long kiss when you wait for the curry to boil or the microwave to beep. Have a few good laughs reminiscing about the funny moments in your life since marriage. The whole experience, right from the time you chop the veggies to the time you slurp dessert from the same bowl, makes you wish that the lunch lasts forever!

#3. Catch a movie
After a leisurely lunch, sprawl out in your living room and enjoy a great movie. Choose a romantic comedy; the combination of romance and laughter can be the best to stimulate your romantic bone. Talk while you watch the movie. Make analogies between scenes in the movie and moments in your life.

#4. Play camping in the garden
Towards dusk, put up a tent in your backyard or garden and pretend you are in a secluded forest or desert. Light candles, set a table and enjoy a moonlit dinner. Dance together. Do not forget the bottle of wine chilling in your refrigerator. Keep replenishing the wine glass and lose yourself in the romantic ambiance. End the beautiful day by making a promise. Repeat your wedding vows and fall in love all over again.

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