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World's oldest living person eats bacon every day for breakfast

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Man proposes to girlfriend in virtual reality, brings real ring as well

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This Governor legalizes beer bikes

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Tunisian democracy group wins Nobel Peace Prize

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Meet the 4 Types of People Who Don t Vaccinate

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The last gun store in San Francisco is closing for good

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Man's advice after 162 pound weight loss

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3 share Nobel medicine prize for new tools to kill parasites

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12 Foods Draining Your Brainpower

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How to Peel an Apple in 3 Seconds

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A man who has been living beside the A9 road in Scotland for the past three years was evicted Wednesday. Charles Ingram has lived in a camp by the busy road since 2012, but was evicted after Scotland's transport agency expressed a "concern for Mr. Ingram's personal welfare"...

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If avocados weren’t already healthy enough – not to mention insanely trendy in the food world – they’ve just got even better. According to health nuts, instead of carefully scraping out the soft green bit and chucking it on your salad you should eat the seed in the...

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The only gun store in San Francisco is shuttering for good, saying it can no longer operate in the city's political climate of increased gun control regulations and vocal opposition to its business. "It's with tremendous sadness and regret that I have to announce we are closing...

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The Turning Point My weight gain became an issue after going off to college. The cafeteria was set up buffet style! The over-indulgence and constant partying led to a 100-plus-pound weight gain. After leaving my college town and entering the working world, in some way I became disgusted with...

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Few breakfast items transcend the sum of their parts quite like the humble pancake. Through some magical feat of morning alchemy, the simple combination of eggs, powder, and sugar creates a steaming platter that’s both fluffy and crispy, sweet and savory, and capable of soaking up a seemingly...

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A student armed with a handgun killed a fellow student in a "confrontation" at an Arizona university early Friday that also left three others with multiple gunshot wounds, police said, in the latest shooting at a US college. The deadly incident at Northern Arizona University (NAU) came...

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You might picture a woman in labor writhing in pain and screaming for ice chips. That woman is not Akilah Wooten. While in labor at the Atlanta Medical Center, Wooten decided she would not settle for the squats recommended to move the baby down. She decided she would Whip Nae Nae -- the...

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Good news for all Californian cycling/beer aficionados: On Sunday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill allowing beer bikes to operate on city streets. The bill (SB-530), was authored by Democratic California State Senator Richard Pan, and clears the hurdles that beer bike tours have...

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hree scientists from the U.S., Japan and China won the Nobel Prize in medicine on Monday for discovering drugs to fight malaria and other tropical diseases that affect hundreds of millions of people every year. Related Stories Beating parasites wins three scientists Nobel prize for medicine...

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There are lots of great places to people watch: the subway, theme parks, malls. And a Southern California mountain lion has found another fun vantage point: power poles. The mountain lion was photographed Tuesday atop a utility pole in Lucerne Valley, California. It apparently climbed up the...

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Peeling apples is a monotonous labor of love; one that we trudge through for the pies, sauce, and pickles on the other end of the dark, blade-to-apple-after-freaking-apple tunnel. But after watching this video—and some trial and error—we’ve found that a drill moonlights...

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How many spoonfuls of high-fructose corn syrup did you eat yesterday? Oh, you don’t recall slurping down any of the hyper-sweet corn extract? Well, you did—about eight teaspoons’ worth, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In fact, the average American consumed 27...

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Health care providers have been trying for years to get more people to vaccinate their kids — and the results have been mixed. But a new paper published in the journal Policy Insights From the Behavioral and Brain Sciences argues that vaccination rates will improve once physicians and...

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Here's a perk of being an employee at a gaming company: You have access to the latest virtual reality gear which you can then use to ask your girlfriend's hand in marriage in the geekiest of ways. That's exactly what Valve employee Chandler Murch did: He lured his girlfriend Kelly...

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