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Man who called police for help is killed by his wife when officers refused him

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Amazing! Meet the microchip that is able to simulate a kidney

Sol Maria Diaz
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The Best Seafood for People With Diabetes

Healthy Life
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Are Blood Clot Risks in Your Genes?

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Microsoft will no longer let you use '12345' as your password

It's happening now
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Toothpaste Makers Finally Admit To Harmful Plastic Beads In Their Products

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The first flexible smartphone may be released in China this year, but it'll cost you

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Weather and Mood: Rainy With a Chance of Depression

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"Whether you let it all out or bottle it up, arguments between spouses align with specific health problems, report researchers. The study, based on how couples behave during conflicts, suggests outbursts of anger predict cardiovascular problems later in life. On the other hand, shutting...

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"By: Chan Yuan (Scroll down for video) A woman killed her husband after police no longer wanted to wait around and left him alone with her. 67-year-old Chien-Kuo “Charles” Lin called police to protect him from his wife until he removes his belongings from their home. ...

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"- Fish Is an Excellent Choice for Type 2 Diabetes: Diabetes experts recommend eating fish for cardiovascular health, but if your only experience with fish has been the fried variety or fish sticks, you might be wondering how and why to include fish in your strategy for eating well with...

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"There have been countless conceptual mock-ups and several prototypes of flexible smartphones, but none of them have really been made available to the public. That's still true, at least until Moxi Group's flexible smartphone/watch comes out later this year. The contorting...

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"If you watch television at all, you’ve likely seen the commercials. These commercials feature new types of toothpaste from a variety of companies that have embedded tiny microbeads in every tube of toothpaste. The claim: these microbeads get out plaque, prevent cavities, and whiten...

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"The golden age of passwords is coming to a close. The change started when websites started rating passwords as we were creating them, trying to get us to add some capital letters and symbols to boost their status from weak to strong. Some more-ambitious websites started requiring users...

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"I’m considering building an ark, because it feels as if it’s been raining for 40 days and 40 nights. In one of the wettest, coldest Mays in Maryland’s history, highly sensitive types like myself are having difficulty not getting pulled into a depressive mood that often...

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At the moment we have to take some kind of medicine these are always going to have some serious side effects. Worst of all ,is that if some precautions are not taken, these effects can be fatal for some patients. When we take a medicine, its concentration begins to evolve rapidly until it...

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"The human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, has existed in the United States since at least the 1970s, but myths and misconceptions about how it's transmitted still persist. Most people know that the virus is commonly spread through sexual contact and intravenous drug use. But what...

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BY: Jeffrey Weitz, MD, Special to Everyday Health "While diseases have many causes and risk factors, your family history, your genetics, is always an important risk factor to consider — particularly for common diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Your genes...

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"A baby’s cry not only demands our attention, it also changes executive function in the brain—the very neural and cognitive processes we use to make everyday decisions. “Parental instinct appears to be hardwired, yet no one talks about how this instinct might include...

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"As we age, love and sex are more important than ever. True, those hormones are changing, and the passionate, toe-tingling love of our twenties and thirties doesn’t tidal-wave us away like it used to. But guess what? The love is there, and it’s calling out to be nurtured —...

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