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Animal shelter s hilarious cat commercial is a low-budget masterpiece

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Mecatrónica mexicana en ascenso

ECiberpasquinero Salazar Herrera
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Man scales zoo fence to rescue drowning chimpanzee

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9 ways to be happy in job you don t like

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What bad old health habits may mean for your future

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How I quit coffee for 30 days

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10 things you should never put down the drain

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Eat one egg every day - you'll be surprised what happens to your body

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This Husky puppy was found with his mouth tied and his legs broken

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Terapia blanco molecular contra el cáncer

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Mirror: Donald Trump's penchant for fast food is well documented. We all know the new President of the United States loves a Big Mac. And a bucket of KFC. And a slice or two of Domino's pizza. Most of us enjoy these things. Trump, though, takes his adoration for crispy wings and salty...

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Newsner: Some things are just beyond our control, such as complications during childbirth. Melanie Pritchard experienced a normal pregnancy without any signs of trouble ahead, but when it was time for delivering her baby, the unimaginable happened. Melanie's heart stopped and she was...

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Newsner: It was supposed to be a dream holiday complete with sun, sand, and relaxation. But Cindi Avila's stay at a luxury hotel in the Bahamas turned out to be a real nightmare when she woke up one morning and made a terrible discovery. Last January, Cindi Avila and her husband, Mike,...

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Zacatecas, Conacyt / ciberpasquinero La metformina interviene en el proceso de cicatrización de úlceras y contribuye a evitar amputaciones en pacientes con diabetes, determinó un equipo de científicos de la Unidad de Investigación Biomédica del...

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Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters is both an animal rescue and a no kill shelter found in Atlanta, Georgia. They created a funny online ad that is superb. The vid is called “Kitty Kommercial” and shows homegrown Atlanta Paul Preston pushing cat adoptions as if he were a used car...

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You might have seen the excitement of kids when they hear the sound of an ice cream truck. But what you might not have seen is a dog getting excited by the sound of ice cream truck. Well, turns out there is a Pit Bull who not only gets excited when he hears the jingle of the ice cream truck but...

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A mum-of-two was horrified to bite into a KFC chicken thigh and discover the meat was raw and covered in BLOOD. Disgusted Hannah Schofield paid £15.99 for a 14-piece family bucket with partner Ashley Spalding before taking it home to eat - but got more than she bargained for. After...

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Ciudad de México, viernes 10 de Febrero de 2017. Giovanni Olin La noche del pasado jueves 9 de febrero en Tepic, Nayarit; fue abatido Juan Francisco "N" alias "H2", posible líder del cártel "Beltrán Leyva", en un operativo de Las...

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En el Día Mundial de la Lucha contra el Cáncer, el IMSS informa que está acelerando la aplicación de la terapia blanco molecular, uno de los tratamientos más avanzados para pacientes con cáncer de mama, colon, riñón y linfomas. El Hospital...

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Kane, the husky, has come a long way. It all started with his previous family who was a Marine couple. They were extremely abusive to the pup. His teeth were rotten, his back legs broken and he had scarred to the bone due to his muzzle being held tight by rubber bands for so long. Kane was...

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Existe un gran desconocimiento del caballito de mar, por ejemplo no sabemos cuál es su función ecológica en el campo, ni siquiera sabemos dónde se encuentra y en qué cantidad, además estos ejemplares tienen una alta demanda comercial y en ese sentido es...

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Nobody’s perfect. Whether you considered a juicy hunk of steak as a staple in your diet, stayed up too late to catch your favorite TV show at night, or chain-smoked cigarettes as a teenager, everyone has a few health skeletons in their closet. Lucky for you, it’s never too late to...

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¿Eres de los que dice que la única manera de despertarse es tomando una buena taza de café? Quizás pienses que la mejor manera de tener una conversación con alguien es tomándose un cafecito, no importa la hora ¿Un poco de café después...

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Un nuevo ambiente se percibe en la escena gastronómica de Santa Fe por los sonidos de la música jazz, en Sal y Leña, uno de los restaurantes que ha marcado tendencia entre los comensales de la Ciudad de México. Sal y Leña contará con la presencia de una...

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Workitdaily: For most of us, work is a requirement. Until we uncover or create the opportunity that allows us to work our passion, we may be in a job that’s just, well… a job. Accepting your 9-5 is just a job works fine until you finally start listening to your passion and purpose....

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